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This is the online presence of designer David Trindade but this is not a blog, at least not yet.

You can look around, bookmark, get in touch, and leave, it's ok to not follow me.

Some of my work

Most of the samples shown here are personal projects, work done for friends, and a small selection of projects done at work but there's more.
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Penguin Consulting logo
Penguin Consulting Logo

Another little design project done with my friend Matt, this is his new endevour and the website is coming up soon.

Tia Kaka (Auntie Kaka) logo
Tia Kaká (Auntie Kaka) Logo/Branding

I'm the graphic designer for my family needs. It's official!! :-) This time another cousin and her mum have a new venture and asked for a logo for their new business in the cattering sector.

Joao Pessoa Pilates Studio website
João Pessoa Pilates Studio website

Website for my cousin's Pilates' Studio in Brazil. She needed an online presence to differentiate her studio from the competition and to communicate with her students and clients. I designed and hand coded templates, once delivered it was then adapted to WordPress by her (developer) husband.

Flip Flop and Away Business cards
Flip Flop and Away Business cards

Business cards for Flip Flop and Away. I'm really happy with the way they turned out as I haven't done proper print design for a while. Color,. 85x55mm with a touch of UV spot on the back.

Don Barrell Gents logo
Don Barrell Gents branding

Branding for Don Barrell Gents, an acoustic guitar duo from Sheffield playing some superb music. I've also designed and built their website, see below.

Don Barrell Gents website design
Don Barrell Gents website

Don Barrell Gents are Andy Walker and Lee England, an acoustic guitar duo from Sheffield. I've been friends with Lee for a while and from the first time I listened to him playing with Andy I loved their style. Lee's intricate guitar playing and solos complements Andy fine vocals and superb guitar tapping to make great music. Go check their stuff.

Tramlines logo proposal logo
Tramlines Festival logo proposal

Tramlines is a free music festival in Sheffield and it's in its second edition this year. A friend of mine that was involved in the production told me that they were looking to get a new logo/branding, so I put this logo together on the weekend and sent through. They liked it but decided to stay with the same logo they had and I didn't get my backstage passes. Oh well.

Flip Flop and Away logo
Flip Flop and Away Branding

Branding work done for a website selling stylish brazilian flip flops. Havaianas are a brazilian brand of flip flops an probably the coolest ones to have.

Can Studios website image
Can Studios website

Website for the company i work for, design and coding by me with the help of my boss with the 3D on the home page main image. I'm quite happy with it and the feedback has been great since launched last year.

The Forge Martial Arts Center website
The Forge Martial Arts website

Website for my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym in Sheffield. Will be ported into a WordPress CMS sometime this year (hopefully).

Sheffield Aero Club website
Sheffield Aero Club website

Website design i did a couple of years back for a friend of mine, in exchange for some flights in his light aircraft. I'm still waiting to go on those flights but the site is alive and doing good, nudge nudge Matt! ;-)

Rachel Williams website
Rachel Williams Personal website

Website done quickly as a web presence for my then girlfriend, now wife. She wanted a website and I managed to get this designed, 'approved' and coded in 24 hours and she was chuffed with the results. It's a bit bare at the moment but she has plans of reviving it sometime in the future.

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